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Massage Therapy

Swedish Aromatherapy

30 minutes $80 / 45 minutes $100 / 60 minutes $120 / 75 minutes $135

Our Arabella Aromatherapy massage is a Swedish technique using warm oils with our own personalised blends to calm, relax and relieve the body of tension, aches and pains.

Pregnancy Massage

30 minutes $80 / 45 minutes $100 / 60 minutes $120 / 75 minutes $135

Our Arabella Pregnancy massage is specifically customised to relieve the unique aches and pains experienced during the 2nd & 3rd trimesters. All massages are performed on our specialised pregnancy bed allowing our expectant mothers to lay comfortably on their bellies whilst using warm oils to perform a rhythmic and relaxing massage.


Hot Stone

45 minutes $110 / 60 minutes $135 / 75 minutes $150

Hot Stone massage is a mixture of Swedish techniques accompanied by heated basalt stones to ease muscle tension, heal & ground the body leaving you feeling recharged & empowered. 

Elements of Arabella

90 minutes $170

Elements of Arabella is our Signature massage. Feel stress and tension melt away with a combination of rhythmic movements and Swedish techniques to relieve stress and tension whilst comforting your muscles with the heat of hot stones and warm bamboo. A truly blissful experience.

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